Hey all you charonadaemons, derghodaemons, hydrodaemons, yagnodaemons, piscodaemons, ultrodaemons, and, of course, big big ups to Oinodaemon. Dude always brings mad diseases ala michigan and smiley. $mall ¢hange with s’more satanic versus to put a price on yer head to. If you want off this list np just buy yourself Fiend Folio. You won’t regret it.

So I got not one not three not four but TWO parties this weekend to bust you out of squaresville, usa.

FRIDAY I do my semi-periodic seven inch inspired throwdown JACKPOT with the esteemed STILL LIFE at COMMODORE in BERLINNSBURG…home of the hipster brew favorite, that’s right party ppl, finally, a beer for us…Williamsbrau. Ask for it!

and SATURDAY is a big hulabaloo for all you film freakazoids, a baby-grand opening of the new MUSEUM of MOVING IMAGE in LIC.

you guys can find out the details right? googly eye that shit? ask the sphinx like batman and robin did on superfriends.

how did you do? the answer is ‘a man’. duh!


Friday 1/14

w/ DJs Still Life & $mall ¢hange

a party celebrating seven inches from the mid 50s to the early-ish 70s all hip shakin’ camel walkin’ african twistin’ baby likes to boogaloo kinda styles…you ppl know! I’ve teamed up with my man/mellow still life to bring you vintage grooves known and unknown to keep y’all jumpin’ into the wee houts. Commodore is a quality spot, drink menu is on the money and the food has gotten crazy accolades. Come thru party ppl would loves to sees ya!

@ The Commodore (342 Maujer St.)
11 ish til late • 21+ • FREE
cheap drinks and dope food


I’m spinning all night in the hotel lobby so start your after party early. 8pm-2am, all night! With special guest selectro Repoman of Rubulad fame. Come thru for some semi-mellow grooves and soundtrack madness.


SATURDAY, January 15, 2011, 8:00 pm-2:00 am

The Museum’s inaugural Signal to Noise party will take over the building with a three-ring circus of live electronic music, moving image performances, and interactive art. Artists, hackers, musicians, and filmmakers will activate every area of the Museum late into the night.

Nick Yulman and his robotic orchestra will accompany silent films (including Georges’s 1900 The One-Man Band and Maya Deren
and Alexander Hammid’s 1943 Meshes of the Afternoon);
Martha Colburn performs live double-projections accompanied by Thollem McDonas, Greg Saunier, John Keay, Mike Evans, Laura Ortman, Matt Marinelli, Tom Carter and Marc Orleans; chiptune artists Bit Shifter and Nullsleep electrify the dance floor with their hacked Gameboys, with outpt and Paris holding down the visuals; laptock rock band Project Jenny, Project Jan rattles the walls; Scott Draves and the Electric Sheep evolve on screen; Victoria Keddie leads a Kodachrome funeral with prepared violin; DJ $mall ¢hange lays down the beat; Fall On Your Sword accompany their mashed-up videos of William Shatner and David Hasselhoff with live electro-jams; VJ Shantell Martin extracts partygoers’ digital auras with Liz Armstrong on the decks; Sweatshoppe passes out video paint rollers; and Babycastles drops their DIY art game cabinets and unleashes a roving cyborg arcade.

Tickets: $15 public (when ordered online), $20 at door

Museum of Moving Image is at:
35 Avenue at 37 Street
Astoria, NY 11106


Also takin’ a lil break from radio but the archives on wfmu are all thurr so enjoy, there’s about a decade of them! You can also check my website which is NOW A BLARRRG, http://djsmallchange.com for daily songs of the day (not redundant at all!) and other random bits of brainfreeze.

rawk. audi 666 ppl keep it light!

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