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Way in my Brain

I dont wanna I dont wanna go insane…except its too late for that. As if you’ve haven’t gotten the frickin’ memo by now. $mall ¢hiz with another update for you shitbags. I keed! Love all you motherfuckers. Of course, if you’re feeling a little hateration for this list and want off, just tell me your […]


Friday I’m doing this FreeNYC thing called BugJuice. Sounds delish, right? Er. Hmm. Lemme think about that. Well anyways the FreeNYC folks are definitely some good peoples and trying to keep NYC surreal and alladat. It ain’t easy these days with a Starbucks on every corner, despite the noble efforts of folks like Rev. Billy, […]


Stolen Moments Residents Sims and $mall ¢hange (and frequently Leche as well) Guest mofo: Steinski playing a 50s nahlins set! @ East Side Co., 49 Essex near Grand Street 9pm-3ish, no coverage. enjoy the weather. I’m down in the basement like Sugarpie DiSanto cold chillin’. The A/C is collecting dust. 06.15.06 Hey party peeps. $mall […]