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Old to New part 4? can’t remember…

Beastie Boys – Car Thief Funk Factory – Rien Ne Va Plus Funk Factory was headed by Michał Urbaniak, a well know Polish jazz musician who put out a slew of rekkids in the 70s/80s, that LP came out in ’75, and is somewhat of a collectible among heads cos of the beastie sample, and […]

James Brown – Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose (Remix)

no brainer from the godfather. Clap ya hands [clap clap clap], stomp ya feet [stomp stomp stomp]…

Ennio Morricone – La Lucertola

this one’s from my man my mellow Catalyst, one of the deepest mofos in the game. Few years back he ran Happy Birthday Hideout, a fab DL afterhours space (now where Rubulad is, he’s spun for them as well many times) and did another dope afterhours party at Boogaloo (RIP) with Mike Simonetti who runs […]

King Diamond – No Presents For Christmas

shouts to DJ Shakey for schooling on this, again a weee minute ago. She has a few xmas rekkids fasho. Not a metal expert, actually don’t know jack, but Mercyful Fate is def the real deal, dude’s falsetto is legendary and this song is pretty hilarious. Hope everyone has a fab holidaze!

Hard Call Xmas – My Christmas Bells

originally came out on B-Boy records, which released all the early Boogie Down Productions (KRS-One) rekkids. Originally I scored this LP at a hip hop shop in Paterson NJ when I lived there, they had 2 copies still shrinkwrapped, probably was sitting in that bin for 20 years. Shouts to Peanut Butter Wolf and Stones […]