Archive for December 2010

Cocksparrer – Running Riot

Another one from my sis. She’d like to remind you that this is NOT punk, its Oi!

Blitz – Someone’s Gonna Die

Oi Oi Oi! Shouts to my sister Christine (former skinhead, and no, not the racist kind, do yer homework!) as I’m hanging with my family for the holidaze. She turned me onto this a weeee minute ago.

Kovács Kati – Add már Uram az esőt

hungarian psyche, again shouts to Mr Votel for reissuing, dumb dumb shit.

The Silvertones – Smile

dance, dance, dance this reggae music…its all in the title, always brings a smile…

DJ Pooch – Burning

old school speed garage, scored as a white label at the ginormous rekkid fair they have in utrecth, holland, a couple times a year. DJ Pooch is known more for his early 90s ‘ardcore you know the score tunes but I dig this…