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360 Degrees – Pelon / Pelon Instrumental

rare Paul C production, sought after random rapp 12″. Sorry slightly brain dead today so not much for words but I like to let the music do the talking anyways…

I’m talking like the elephantitis, the other one is the poliomielitis, arthritis and the one diabetes

Hey all you charonadaemons, derghodaemons, hydrodaemons, yagnodaemons, piscodaemons, ultrodaemons, and, of course, big big ups to Oinodaemon. Dude always brings mad diseases ala michigan and smiley. $mall ¢hange with s’more satanic versus to put a price on yer head to. If you want off this list np just buy yourself Fiend Folio. You won’t regret […]

Choir – It’s Cold Outside

This is a guest curation from my man Joel Schwartz, who works with my bro in the film biz as a camera operator and all that jazz. He’s also quite the music head and has a healthy collection of billy childish LPs and trojan rocksteady compilations. Here’s what he has to say about the Choir: […]

Brother Soul – Cookies

Ultimate cakes and sweets fave, also a request from my brother Ray who’s been jonsin’ for this beat. I scored my 45 in a trade with Ms. Shingaling years ago. Mad sampled.

‘ardcore you know the score from Tektite

Oaysis – Incredible Bass Mole The Dipper – Ecstatic House Tektite runs the Vitamin B(reaks) party and besides being a fine selectah is a serious authority on old school hardcore. Not Minor Threat (nuff respeck tho) but the sound of E fueled techno-breakbeat / proto-jungle of the early 90s, mostly coming out of the UK. […]