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True Movement – Depression

shouts to DJ Shadow, I bought my copy of this from him outside the WFMU rekkid fair as everyone was lined up for pre-early dealer admission. You know how I roll! Love this joint.

twofer tuesday on a friday plus old to new…

Yami Bolo – Jah Made Them All who makes the mountains, sees, birds, bees, ladies…only jah jah! Not too religious mice elf these daze but this is one of my faves. Tings and Time riddim. Techniques label. I realized I’ve slacked a bit so here’s a few more… Yami Bolo is also known for the […]

heavy heavy monster sounds…the nuttiest sounds around

Hola you circus freakazoids and carney ride barkers, $mall ¢hange is seeing pink elephants and rusty dusty 45s floating in the sky with two see InI take LSD ala trinity no misery spa castle gold room rug burns on the wedge blacklights sawdust yarn art drug free school zone signs upside down. Eggzactly. Anyways if […]

Too Short – Blow The Whistle

What’s my favorite word?! Too Short one of the realest.

James Knight and the Butlers – Save Me

one of my favorite slices of miami soul. Save me ppl. Valentines day is mixed bag, sure have fun but I dunno, not always into society telling me I need to be with someone. Who gives a fuck really cos this song is the joint.