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Dancing Drums

Wasssssssup all you beholders, purple worms, dragon turtles, quicklings, demi-lichs and pit fiends…$mall ¢hange with another triology of cheesy choose your own adventure novellas cliff note condensed like a good thai iced tea. Not too sweet thank you. If you want off this list its very very simple. Find a cure for the common cold […]

R.D. Burman – The Burning Train: Title Music

one of the many bollywood LPs I scored recently on a trip to India. Big shouts to my man Ken for taking me to a super super DL spot. Come by Rubulad friday to hear this and others!

Ike and Tina Turner – You Got What You Wanted

bad bad tune. Good insight into life…

Davis Jones and the Fenders – I’m The Boss With The Hot Sauce

first heard via the ‘Shakin’ Fit’ comp a while back. Love this track.

Key of Dreams – Africa (Dub Mix)

toto’s cheese is hard to take but this dubbed out italo mix makes it fairly tolerable. Which is saying a lot!