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Album Covers Come Alive!

nuff said. Got this link from my man Greg Caz. Hilarious!

Player (Amon Tobin / Jeff Waye) – Angel of Theft

Amon Tobin under the guise ‘Player’ (alongside longtime Ninja Tune behind the scenes man Jeff Waye). Pretty reedick Slayer bootleg rmx that originally came on a 1 sided red vinyl 12″ with a pentagram etched on the other side. The ‘label’ was Jef Am, a flip on Def Jam that has their names innit. Classy […]

Bongos Ikwue & the Groovies – You’ve Gotta Help Yourself

bangin’ afro-funk, first heard it from Quantic when he was spinning at APT (RIP) way way back in the day. Bongo and the Groovies! Can’t get a better name for a group then that. Also featured on this Soundway comp, shouts as always to Miles Cleret!

Sir Ibu – I’m The Peacemaker / Divine Force – Holy War (Live)

“To the Black, to the red, yellow, white man Polish, Irish, Jewish, Puerto Rican Palestinians, Iranians Cubans, Japanese, illegal aliens…” classic golden era boom bap from Sir Ibu of Divine Force, who’s group was also behind this jam, which was featured on Ego Trip’s eggzellent ‘The Big Playback‘ compilation…

Joao Bosco – Cobra Criada

schooled on this by Brazilian expert Greg Caz, miss his party with Sean Marquand on Sundays at the old Black Betty space. Love the changes in this tune!