Hey kiddies. An update from the schmuck known as $mall ¢hange i.e. me, from my secret lair miles beneath the earth’s surface. If you want off this list no problem, in fact congradulations! You’ve been entered to win my collection of magic nose goblins! Stay chuned…

Many tings gwan here at HQ. First off, TOMORROW, i.e THURSDAY, we have the Pure Fire ting-a-ling going on at APT, heavy heavy munster sounds and guest DJ Shotnez aka Ori from Balkan Beat Box. FRYDAY there’s yet anotha Rubulad throw down, I might be spinning in the wee wee hours but I’ve booked a slew of quality selectahs to do yer head in all night. Finally, on the slight horizon tip, NEXT SATURDAY the 23rd I’m putting together a sick semi-little loft party with Jen Lyon, called ‘Lose Your Shit’.

Welkommen to my island. Set phasers on Retardo Montabon. Keep scrollin’ down down down for the info. I’m listing the last thing first just to confuse y’all. Just scroll yer boat already, the info is fucking there! Oh Jebus.

NEXT SATURDAY (June 23rd..i.e. NOT this Saturday)…Lose Your Shit

$¢ and Jen Lyon aka MeanRedProdctions bring it to ya live and motherfuckin’ direct. Lose your concepts of genre. Lose your pretentous chin scratching. Lose your bad taste. Check your body at the door and prepare to LOSE YOUR SHIT on the dancefloor, in the bathroom, on the street, in the cab, and on the porcelin bus. Ok, a little too graphico. Take care of yourself for goddamn sake but definitely get shakin’, cos this will be a dope little after after hours loft thing not to be missed.

Drinks, big ass roof deck, chunes til 7am, boomin’ sound, sick little DJ lineup of seasoned booty bouncing pro-feshionals. We don’t play so you can play harder. People who know the balance between the real shit and you having a good time. Music 1st ppl. Fuck the trash. And stop sayin’ this town sucks, there’s nothing going on. Yes NYC has its commercial bullshit, but we’ve gone and done something about it, so to misquote Steve Reich, come out and show them. Come on down and spin the showcase showdown. You will land on that glittery dollah and we will be giving away a full dinette set at the end of the night, you just have to haul it away…by foot.

Thee selectahs.

Tim ‘Love’ Lee needs no intro to the scenesters, his Tummy Touch label has been running for eons and his productions/selections are always on point. He’s versed in many genres and isn’t afraid to mix yer shit up and out.

Duane, part of the Negroclash trio and staple behind Other Music for years, is a longtime soldier in the field, we’ve done many many gigs together through good times and better times, from WFMU benefits to droppin’ Zalatnay years before the eastern you’re-a-peein’ madness. Expect some pitched up ‘Ladybug’ at some point or Theo’s uglier edits.

Starting off we have one of my fave mofos in the shitty, the esteemed Queen Majesty of the Deadly Dragon crew. Named after the essetial Techniques joint, Erica spins a killer killer set of reggae/dancehall old/new. Get educated f’real.

Late night we have the Trouble n’ Bass crew, Star Eyes, Mathhead, Zack Shadatek. A superstar DJ crew with folks that know/live/kill this game. Star Eyes day/night job is the editor of XLR8R, a looong running real deal US muzak zine, all of them doing nice grimy productions, czeck it out czeck it out.

Somewhere in the middle and towards dawn you find mice-elf $¢ droppin’ beats not bombs. Well maybe the latter, I do loves me some Trouble Funk. Seriously, this is the shit I live for as a DJ so expect my favorite shit. Total dancefloor descruction, the only solution, to quote DJ Scud.

MeanRed n’ $mall ¢hizz bring you

Lose Your Shit

a loft thang.


Tim ‘Love’ Lee
Trouble n’ Bass
$mall ¢hange
Queen Majesty

10ish to 7ish
10 bones
172 Classon
tickets at ticketweb.com


While the corporate infidels and Visigoths currently invading NYShitty have taken over the Tonic space (soon to be another condo complex, get your bids in now!), Pure Fire lives on, now at APT, one of the last places in Manhattan still supporting real deal DJ culture. Our first night was off the weezie (puffer not included) with all 5 residents throwing down plus sssmokinÕ selections from the 3 turntable wonder known as DJ /rupture, fresh from Barcelona to Brooklyn.

While weÕre slated for around the 1st Tuesday of the Month at APT on a regular basis, in June weÕre actually throwing down on a THURSDAY, JUNE 14th. This next installment of super dope raw as fuck funk dancehall crunk grime dubstep ragga jungle whatever beats takes an eastern euro twist as we welcome DJ Shotnez, aka Ori from Balkan Beat Box. When not fronting one of the best gypsy punk bands on the scene, Ori aka Shotnez can be seen behind the digital decks throwing down ill ill shit, from bhangra to Balkan faves, always with the dancefloor in mind. His late nights sets at Rubulad and Nublu have always destroyed, do not miss, especially on APTÕs very sick Funktion 1 soundsystem in the basement.

With your usual cast of demented characters joining in. Peter Gunn, whoÕs constantly digginÕ the ill shit up whether its out of print scribbled on grime 12Ós or montreal garage 7Ós; N-Ron Hubbard, droppinÕ baile funk and beyond for yoÕ booty; Reaganomics, whoÕs got skills to pay the bills and the crates to back them up; Criterion, founder of Broklyn Beats rekkids/distro and always with an ear for the ill shit; and $mall ¢hange, who simply has more records then he knows what to deal with.

How many folks are there are just feeding/recycling the hits? Has DJing become some jukebox shit? Do we need to hear the same frigginÕ song 3 times in one night? People, people, ppl. Get a frigginÕ clue and clue into some frigginÕ. Real schitt. Heavy heavy monster sound. DonÕt test us. We destroy mofos.

Pure Fire
THURSDAY, June 14th (next one is TUESDAY July 3rd)
Reaganomics, $mall Change, Peter Gunn, N-Ron Hubbard, Criterion
Especial guesto: DJ Shotnez from Balkan Beat Box
@ APT, 419 W. 13th btw 9th and Washington
No cover. Open bar 9-10. Goes til breakfast at Florent.
Be thurr!

FRYDAY …Rubulad.

While I’m takin’ a break from an official slot this time around (coporate gigs make the world go ’round, or at least allows me to buy more rekkids), Rubulad still chugs and chugs on like an octopos designed beer bong. Well, a little more classier then that. But not by much. Another demented par-tay with Bands, Caberet mofos, and of course DJs providing the soundtrack to mind expansion/explosion/burn out/hungover/why god why did I have that last PBR? Well, how you feel it is up to you, but remember this kids…safety THIRD.

For ze selectors, early on we have something quite dope. A record store battle if you will, with Marty Violence, one of the main buyers at Academy, going square up against Gimmee Gimmee Dan of, you guessed it, Gimmee Gimmee Rekkids. These two have the ill na na random rap, psyche, funk, disco, whatever…its grand canyon deep when it comes to rarities. Should be something to catch, so come on down before the masses.

As the night progresses we have longtime Rubulad resident DJ Catalyst, who used to run the Happy Birthday Hideout back in the day in the now current Rubulad space. You snooze/lose but not really, cos he still spins the uber dope selections, and has promised a nice little raw as fuck rawk set for the bar room during primetime. In the other corner with have Sports Casual, a transatlantic B-Boy from another time/space with quality selections for you to spin on your head. Check out his funky friday throwdowns at Lucky Cat where many a Daptone superfunky superstar have rolled thru.

For the late late show we have two of my trusted party peepholes, Justin Carter and B-Dub. Justin is quite the man about town booking APT, the Water Taxi Beach (fuck Harry), and yer mom’s basement…ps don’t tell mom. Besides I saw her, she’s–ok enough with the sui-ey tendencies. B-Dub will be vibing the bar room with brazilian to breakbeats to funk to punk to exotica, man has lived thru many eras from rooming with basquiat to shooting album covers for tone loc to collecting 60s japanese girl gang movies. He’s currently got a nice lil’ thang going with Bazooka Joe. A perfect imaginary soundtrack for the cracked out set.

Note: this is a private invitation for you and friends. Please do not forward, post or circulate this to any public lists or websites.
We do have limited space and will close the doors if necessary. We recommend you come early and bring ID as this event is 21 and over.
Please do your part, as we’re trying to provide you with the best event possible.

Rubulad presents
Pantheistic Panty Raid!
Friday, June 15

Julz A’s Squeeze Rock
Queen May and The Bells
Electric Junkyard Gamelan
I Love You Airlines

Gimme Gimme Dan
Marty Violence
Sports Casual
B Dub
Justin Carter

Cabaret Stage:
Dark Dark Dark
Dame Darcy
Moist Paula’s Secretary
DJ Aaroneous

Special performance by Bruno Wizard of The Homosexuals
Amy Shapiro as Shiva
Norm Francoeur’s Light Circus
Nubile Fruit-Bearing Deities
Late-Night Panty Sacrifice
Food by Vicious Delicious
Sweets by Brownie Points

In the starlight Lounge:
G Scopitronic’s Non-Stop Film Fest
Yummy Bar-B-Que
and more!

Dress: it’s a sexy god and goddess thing.

10 beans before 11:00, in costume or way late; 15 beans otherwise; 21+ w/ ID, please.
Rubulad Home Base: 338 Flushing Ave., bet. Classon & Taaffee L train to Bedford Avenue > B61 bus on Driggs to Flushing Ave (10 mins) > left under BQE > Rubulad’s on your right just past the gas station *OR* J / M / Z to Marcy Ave > walk along BQE > left under BQE at Flushing.
Or G Train to Classon, walk on Classon to Flushing
Note: The B61 bus runs from Greenpoint to Red Hook through Dumbo and Downtown Brooklyn. The B57 bus will take you to and from Bushwick, fast.
You can help us continue to have a Rubulad in this space by being quiet coming and going, staying inside the space during the event and not pissing all over the sidewalk as soon as you get around the corner Ð which, incidentally, does attract the police and they will write you a summons.
The less our neighbors have to complain about, the more fun we can have.
Please do not respond to this email. Use chris at spill dot net, thanks