Yo. Rubuald. TONIGHT.

What we’re gonna do right here is go back, way back, back into time.
When the only people that existed were troglodytes…cave men…
cave women…Neanderthal…troglodytes. Let’s take the average
cave man at home, listening to his stereo. Sometimes he’d get up,
try to do his thing. He’d begin to move, something like this:
“Dance…dance”. When he got tired of dancing alone, he’d look
in the mirror: “Gotta find a woman gotta find a woman gotta find a
woman gotta find a woman”. He’d go down to the lake where all the
woman would be swimming or washing clothes or something. He’d look
around and just reach in and grab one. “Come here…come here”.
He’d grab her by the hair. You can’t do that today, fellas, cause
it might come off. You’d have a piece of hair in your hand and she’d
be swimming away from you (ha-ha). This one woman just lay there,
wet and frightened. He said: “Move…move”. She got up. She was a
big woman. BIG woman. Her name was Bertha. Bertha Butt. She was one
of the Butt sisters. He didn’t care. He looked up at her and said:
“Sock it to me sock it to me sock it to me sock it to me sock it to me
sock it to me sock it to me sock it to me!”. She looked down on him.
She was ready to crush him, but she began to like him. She said:
“I’ll sock it to ya, Daddy”. He said: “Wha?”. She said:
“I’ll sock it to ya, Daddy”. You know what he said? He started it way
back then. I wouldn’t lie to you. When she said
“I’ll sock it to ya, Daddy” he said “Right on! Right on! Hotpants!
Hotpants! Ugh…ugh…ugh”

Basically, I’m spinning TONIGHT. So come get primitive. Bring one of the Butt sisters. And if you want off the list I’ll take a stone axe to your head. Done and dunzo.

Rubulad. Nuff said party ppl we been up in this loft game for a minute. We were drinking PBR when y’all were trying to kill yourself eating pop rocks with jolt cola. They’re a lil btw spaces now so come help us raise a lil scrilla to get settled. Bonus is you can dance yer arse off at the same time. Hope to sees ya party ppl!

Rubulad Presents
On Saturday, February 12th

Super-Fantastic Love Explosion


It’s a Whole Lotta Love Thing

A Valentine’s Dance

with live music by:

Lily and the Parlor Tricks
Viva’s Rock & Roll Burlesque feat. Tigger!, Bunny Love and Nasty Canasta
The Drunkard’s Wife
Petrojvic Blasting Company (from L.A.)

and your DJ/Soundman Cody

with your DJs:

$mall ¢hange
The Vintage DJ


G. Scopitronic’s Non-Stop Film Fest
The Modern Dance Awareness Society
Al Gori’s Homespun Merry-Go-Round
Dreams and Aspirations Vending Machine by Yung O.
Hot F***ing Tamales
Norm Francoeur’s Light Circus Extraordinaire

At 41 Varrick Avenue, Brooklyn (three short blocks from the Morgan Ave L stop). If coming from Manhattan/Bedford Ave., exit front of train and walk on Harrison Place with traffic. Pass Knickbocker and Porter. Left on Varrick and it’s a roll-up gate on your left

10:00 pm doors; 11:00 pm show.
10 Beans before 11:00 pm or way late; 15 beans in costume all night; 20 beans otherwise.

Our rules apply.
Dress your Saucy best!

James Dier aka $mall ¢hange

blogging at www.djsmallchange.com
myshit: smallchange666
farcebook: Jim DjSmallchange
tweaker: djsmallchange

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