Been a loong minute since the last check in. What can I say, been lazy up to and past tofurkey day. But here’s the latest update. Enjoy and hope to see some of yas out soon.

Hey kids, $m ¢hizzle is back in blizzack from the waste coast visiting the fam-a-lam and spinning some quality rekkids at quality parties. Good times good times like rocking two copies of good times. Btw if you want off the list, just tell me what a turducken is. And pass the barf bag.
So the big nieuws is me and Simzee are taking a break from Stolen Moments. We’ve had a nice run at the east side co., many ill sessions and demented dance parties, killer guest DJs and quality cocktails, but we need a break for the hollowdaze and a chance to revamp it. We’re thinking more of a loft party multi room vibe, ya dig? As my esteemed colleague put it, no tears people…just more beer.

Join me and sims for one more night of jazz (defined very loosely) and really fressssh (scratch that!) cocktails. Good rekkids and good peepholes. That’s how we roll.

Stolen Moments (goes on vacation!)
Thursday, TONIGHT, Nov. 30th
$mall ¢hange and DJ Sims
@ East Side Co.
49 Essex near Grand
9ish to 3ish

rock rock on.

Next week lookout for $¢ appearences at Stay Gold gallery and Rubulad. G-g-g-go-good times!

Also lookout for a Stolen Moments bonus beats at East Side Co. next week when DJ Fucci celebrates her b-day with a disco/electro throwdown with me, Pappawheelie and others…werd.