Friday I’m doing this FreeNYC thing called BugJuice. Sounds delish, right? Er. Hmm. Lemme think about that. Well anyways the FreeNYC folks are definitely some good peoples and trying to keep NYC surreal and alladat. It ain’t easy these days with a Starbucks on every corner, despite the noble efforts of folks like Rev. Billy, etc. Even 6th St. in Manhattan doesn’t have half the Indian Restaurants it once had. Well, there’s a few of us left, and as long as the booties are shakin’ the rekkids keep spinnin’. Its all happening on Luke and Leroy. I’ll give ya the basics before and I’ve cut n’ pasted quite a bit of text from for your perusal. Scroll on and I’ll see you in the promised land.

FRIDAY, June 9th

freeNYC presents: BugJuice 1.0

live: Mad EP, Subatomic Sound System

DJs: $mall ¢hange, Synapse

Visuals: Teddy Sczudlo

10pm onwards

@ Luke and Lerory, 21 7th Ave. South (@ Leroy)

$5 after 11pm

mas info:

June 9th: BugJuice 1.0 – New York’s Finest

The first BugJuice event of the summer kicks off with a collection of the finest talent our little island has to offer. From hip-hop to funk to grime to booty to future reggae, tonight’s line-up represents everthing that’s bubbling in the city. The line-up is stellar with 2 DJs, 2 live acts, and live photographic projections all night Launch Party 2-Late is all about inspiring individuality. It is an idea that turned into a project in the Fall of 2005. The goal is to feature independent designers, shop owners and stylish individuals throughout New York City. Motivated by the eclectic mix of people, styles and the expression of oneself through fashion; 2-late highlights local talent and creativity while inspiring individuality in you.

Mad E.P. – Live Iowa native Matthew Peters, a.k.a. Mad EP, originally was a cellist and later a producer of the Chicago Symphony radio broadcasts. He has been creating his unique soundscapes with live instrumentations, found sounds, and field recordings for the past 7 years in various studio and performance environments. Mad E.P.’s diverse style ranges from trip-hop to hip-hop to grime to booty bass and beyond. He is a founding member of the improvisational Manhattan Gimp Project, one half of the hip-hop duo Mad/EQ, resident sound designer for the laptop storytelling trio the Psychasthenia Society as well as a number of other collaborative projects with artists such as the Shadow Huntaz, Drop the Lime, Jun Jensen, and David Young. His releases are available on Hymen Records and Ad Noiseam.

Teddy Sczudlo – Projecting Live Photos all Night Teddy Sczudlo has been breaking ground in hip hop photography for years. His portfolio is a veritable who’s who of the game, shot with an introspective eye for confidence and artistry. Of course, Sczudlo’s work run’s much deeper then just photographing musicians… he also takes an in depth look at the banality of middle-class suburban culture. Tonight he turn’s the camera on YOU as he roams the party shooting and projecting photograph’s live on the wall of the dancefloor… come correct for the lensman!

$mall Change $mall ¢hange (aka James Dier) will never stop. A musical addict, he’s been collecting and DJing for over 15 years, has 10s of thousands of records, in every conceivable genre and time period. Seriously deep crates in funk, jazz, blues, soul, latin, reggae, dancehall, hip hop, house, breaks, jungle, booty bass, classics, rawk n’ roll, punk, vintage RnB, disco, downtempo, ambient, experimental… you get the picture. Some people say they’re eclectic–this homeslice lives it, with the skills to mix it all together.

$mall ¢hange’s latest mix, Soundclash is a musical concentration of all things Jamaican, or JA inspired. From vintage and modern dancehall to the heaviest dubs, Jamaican funk and disco covers, reggae samplin’ hip hop 12″s, classic ska sides and rare 2-Tone, vintage and modern ragga jungle, turntablist ska tracks and even dancehall singers doing opera. Musical murderation of the past, present and future. 66(!) tracks in all. Some real classics, and some real obscurities. Some real music. What a concept, eh?

Subatomic Sound System (live) Subatomic Sound System is a production crew / live soundsystem / mobile studio / musician’s collective born and raised in New York City by Emch and Tha Riddim Doktor. Subatomic fuses the DJ soundsystem tradition with dub studio techniques, bringing the studio flavor into the soundsystem to detonate an improvised explosive new style of music and live performance that combines the flow and diversity of DJ sets, the energy and improvisation of bands, and the sound manipulation techniques of the studio laboratory. Classic and original dub, roots, and dancehall reggae get mashed up with futuristic hip hop and space age drum and bass rhythms that are reworked and rearranged in real time collaborative interaction with a diverse crew of MCs, vocalists, and musicians. Simultaneously, the entire sound is mixed and manipulated live on the spot.

Their latest release, On All Frequencies, “takes on dub, underground hip hop, broken-beat and dancehall and packs them into 14 sonic gems. [The song] ‘Ghetto Champion’ is what Damien Marley should have been working on… It gives me the same feeling I get listening to early Massive Attack work. Not because of the sound directly, but because of the artistic energy & flavor everyone brings into the project. (”

DJ Synapse Transmitting from the planet Breakbeat, DJ Synapse has been collecting and presenting vinyl and other musical sources for many many years. He’s a DJ, Organizer, Promoter, Culture Purveyor, and the Promotional Director for Beautiful/Decay Magazine NYC. As a DJ, Synapse is the kind that makes asses sway, while their minds say “Damn…some DJs really DO something besides just play records. He’s shared stages with De La Soul, Mos Def, MF Doom, Immortal Technique, Jazzy Jay, Evil Dee, Prince Paul, Vikter Duplait, Red Aalert, Afrika Baby Bam (Jungle Bros.), Stretch Armstrong, Neil Armstrong, Jus Ske, DJ Kiva, Kool Herc, and many more… He mixes Funk, Soul, Reggae, Hip Hop, Breaks, Rock and more.

DRINK SPECIALS! In addition to an hour of open bar from 10:30 – 11:30, each Bug Juice event will feature a signature $3 cocktail created especially for the party by the Bug Juice crew. It’s our little way of helping you party all night while keeping your drink tab in check… Just ask for it by name!

Editor’s Note: Like all FreeNYC events, everyone involved is top notch and equally part of making the party happen. Therefore, we list all participents in an alphabetical order that does not reflect set times. We create events that are designed to be enjoyable all night long and we urge you to check out everything the evening has to offer. Bug Juice is 21+ and free before 11:00pm ($5 after to support the participants).