This is a guest curation from my man Joel Schwartz, who works with my bro in the film biz as a camera operator and all that jazz. He’s also quite the music head and has a healthy collection of billy childish LPs and trojan rocksteady compilations. Here’s what he has to say about the Choir:

‘This is for all of your guys shivering on the East Coast. I first heard this song on a Pebbles or Nuggets compilation, and it’s one of my favorite hybrids of 60’s garage and west coast pop ala Beach Boys/ Byrds. I think this could have been a huge K-Earth kinda hit had they been positioned somewhere outside of wherever they were, and I love the lo-fi combined will mega pop hook chops. It’s perfect as it is.’

typical LA mofos rubbin’ in the brick ass weather…I keed I keed, thanks Joel!