Wasssssssup all you beholders, purple worms, dragon turtles,
quicklings, demi-lichs and pit fiends…$mall ¢hange with another
triology of cheesy choose your own adventure novellas cliff note
condensed like a good thai iced tea. Not too sweet thank you. If you
want off this list its very very simple. Find a cure for the common
cold cos I’m having the time of my life…

So just wanted to let y’all know about the next Rubulad event, which
is tomorrow, FRIDAY MAY 13th, and I’m playing on the later-ish side,
tho not quite as late as per usual cos its kinda a legit spot.
However don’t let that stop yas cos I hear this spot is something of a
raerity in nyc, i.e. a bar that time forgot. Supposed to be the shit
I’m looking fwd. So yeah don’t expect the super cracked out late late
after after hours but we’ll be going til at least 430-5.

Rubulad is one of the oldest playas in this loft game (shouts to David
Mancuso, etc…throwing parties ain’t ez ppl!) and the sounds are
STILL underground and eclectic as fuck, which is why this is still one
of my favorite places to play in nyc. As we speaketh I’m listening to
dusty bollywood vinyls scored from a recent trip to bombay, and my
fellow selectro Inbetween is a premier digger with sick sick shit.
Rumor has it Big Freedia, Rusty Lazer and posse will be rolling thru
after their official showcase earlier that evening. Add a random
marching band and all the other insanity that makes these parties and
its par for the course ladies in gentlemen. At least a double eagle
if not hole in one. Hope to sees youz!

Rubulad Presents

On Friday, May 13 at Sugar Hill Supper Club and Disco*:

Bollywood Babylon

News Flash: We have now become the official Big Freedia afterparty. Special
performance around 1:30 am – come by for some serious rump-shaking.

live music by:

People’s Champs
Underground Horns
Ken Butler with Bill Buchen and Friends
Love Myne (feat. exotic harp stylings of Mia Theodoratus w/ Christian Lee &
Kelly Webb)
The Drunkard’s Wife


$mall ¢hange
In Between
With your DJs/Soundmen Greything and Cody


Joe McGinty (Losers’ Lounge)’s live keyboard karaoke
G. Scopitronic’s Sultry Non-Stop Film Festival
SMARMI: the hot F***kin’ Human Fortune Telling Machine
Beauteous Belly Dances by Paige Stevenson
New art by Pierre Pressure and Dr. Lance Boyle

and much, much more…

Early event! Open at 9:00 pm for dinner, serving delicious soul food and
Southern cuisine. Large portions so you can share. 9:30 pm show. Last call
4:00 am, dancing until 5:00 am.

615 Dekalb at Nostrand. G train to Bedford-Nostrand. Exit rear of train if
coming from Downtown Brooklyn, front if coming from Queens/W’burg. Walk two
short blocks on Nostrand against traffic to Dekalb.

Map here:

21+ w/ID. Our rules do not apply, so no outside beverages, pls. Big back
yard for your outdoor pleasures; affordable drinks.

10 Rupees from 9:00 – 11:00 or way late or in costume all night; 15 Rupees

Dress for a melodramatic, thrilling, star-crossed, all-singing/all-dancing
Southeast Asian masala!

*A note about Sugar Hill Supper Club and Disco: The Sugar Hill Supper Club
and Disco is an amazing time capsule of a space that includes a full-on sit
down soul food restaurant. Massive outdoor space and gorgeous dance floor
all decorated at the height of late 70s chic. Truly a one of a kind gem of
old New York.

James Dier aka $mall ¢hange

blogging at www.djsmallchange.com
myshit: smallchange666
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