Hey kiddies, here’s a short one, hate to pelt you with more than one curse laden fucking email a week, but a few last minute tings came up (actually more like I forgot mentioned them in previous invite…duh!) so thought I’d pass the gas (er, I mean information). If you want off just type beano and I’ll plop plop fizz fizz oh what a relief I’m off this email list it is…

Today I’ll be overdosing on all things Nublu. The famed lil’ east villahge club that could is still doing it, doing it, doing it y’know. I’ll be on their EVR radio show from 7-8pm and then later at the club proper from 10ish to 2ish. A real deal music scene in manhattan…who woulda thought? Live bands and DJs seven nights a week and one of the best vibes in this lil’ two horse town known as nueva york. Its obvious its owned by a musician (for better or for worse…I’m kidding! ) And I’d like to say, as a DJ, one of the best marriages of bands and DJs within a night…again something in short supply in most ‘live’ music venues. Stop fucking soundchecking over my james brown rekkids, you musician punks! Its all guten in the hooden.

Nublu Radio with Queen Majesty and $mall ¢hange
Mondaze 6-8pm on EVR
IM: eastvillageradio

then laters…

Nublu Mondays
especial guesto: $mall ¢hange
plus some superfunky band aka I have no idea who’s playing
10pm onwards
$5 bones malone
Ave C btw 4th and 5th, east side of the street, look for the blue light.

tomorrow of all things I return to the scene of the crime aka EVR for a guest spot on Andrew Andrew’s Sound Sound program. In a semi-recent previous life these cats were responsible (again for better for worse…again I’m kidding! really…) for the iPod revolution (or devolution) at APT on Tuesday nights. Andrew Andrew have their aesthetic down pat and they’re the only people I ever knew who got their DJ party listed in Redbook. These kids get the housewives outta the house I tell ya. They’ve been pluggin’ away on EVR for a minute, and have a penchant for the eclectic, so I’m bringing along some wacked out favorites. For the kids of course, its all about the children. And the step-children. Work it to the bone, work-it-to-the-bone…

Andrew Andrew Sound Sound
guest selectah $mall ¢hange
Tuesdaze 4-6pm on EVR
IM: eastvilliage radio

Of course there’s a rubulad later in the week and also a tues halloween proper ting, but I’ll send sumptin’ out thurs about those, or czeck the previous missive. Carry on with your bad selves, keep it light…