yoYo mami. $¢ with s’more habanero to spice up that mediocre enchilada of a life you’re living. Hope the leftovas are treating you well. If you want off the list just follow this advice very closely…cook your turkey in the over with a paper bag around it. Then leave the haus. Come back 12 hours later and your house is burned to a crisp. Not only will you have divested yourself of your worldly possessions, but I’ll do you the courtesy of taking you off this list…

TONIGHT (Friday, Nov 26th) double your troubles with 2 parties in one friggin’ evenin’! I know…getting this shit out mad late again sue me!

((earlier)) Jackpot at Commodore, 366 Metropolitan near Havenmeyer. (mostly) 45s all night long with mice-elf and Still Life. 11pm-4am, (I’m playing 11-130ish)

((later)) Swimming Cities benefit party w/ DirtyFinger, James Mulry, Uproot Andy. 55 9th Street. bldg 61, Brooklyn. I’m on 230ish onward.

scroll down for deets.

About to go do a lil diggin’ with my man my mellow Still Life before we drop some of those small records with the big holes, 45s from the mid 50s to the mid 70s, anything from RnB screamers, southern funk, northern soul, garage rock, rocksteady, early early disco and modern and brazilian and whatever we think you can do the shimmy, the shingaling, the freak off, the frog, the funky robot, the bacon fat, the twine time, and other dance crazes to be named later skater. Commodore has reeedickulously good grub so come before midnight for that. If yer not stuffed to the gills monty python wafer thin mint meaning of life style.

777…a party celebrating 7 inches from the 50s-70s.
residents $mall ¢hange and Still Life
no cover, 11pm-4am
Commodore, 366 Metropolitan near Havenmeyer, L,G to Lorimer.

Swimming cities is the shit. mas info here…http://weareswimmingcities.org/wasc/
they’ve gone down the hudson, venice, and now looking towards india. This space is one of the best in nyc and they don’t do events all at often, line up is all allstars from the afterhours loft scene and beyond. Don’t sleep! Bring your swimtrunks for the heated pool…


$mall ¢hange
Uproot Andy

Come see our boat radial if you missed our launch event!

It’s wilder than the outdoors. Work off your Thanksgiving love handles in a 12,000-square-foot indoor adventureland! Zip lines, hot dog skeet shooting, heated pool, non-conventional exercise machines, stilt croquet, ping pong, badminton, dirty uncle pony rides, bike blender smoothies. maple/ bacon infused shots. GUARANTEED FULLLON IDIASSY

55 9th Street. bldg 61, Brooklyn.
F or G to Smith/9th St.

$15 cover, $10 with costume or Thanksgiving leftovers, $5 before 11pm.

Dress: “hunting casual.”

“If the gods intended for us to venture beyond the ballroom they would not have so generously filled it with liquor”
– L. Ron Hubbard

thx for tuning in…more updates soon about the next two weekends, maaaadnessss, madness, they call it madness…

James Dier aka $mall ¢hange

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