Hola you circus freakazoids and carney ride barkers, $mall ¢hange is seeing pink elephants and rusty dusty 45s floating in the sky with two see InI take LSD ala trinity no misery spa castle gold room rug burns on the wedge blacklights sawdust yarn art drug free school zone signs upside down.


Anyways if you want off this list you know the drill. Take a good sized hammer, be careful, hold it, hold it, annnnnnd….SMASH! See, you can’t even see this email anymore! No more lists eva!

I have two fab parties in two days starting tonight. You know me, brainy smurf, always prepared and always getting tossed on my head and invites going out a wee wee bit last minuto.

Don’t schlafen tho get some double HEAVY tropical sounds to warm up your weekend. I may even see you on a boat ;)…

TONIGHT aka THURSDAY I rock with the Deadly Dragon crew. ALWAYS killing, and Scratch Famous and crew have schooled me on more rekkids then I can remember. Also on the bill the legendary Downbeat the Ruler who has crazy plates. Realness.

TOMORROW aka FRIDAY I’m spinning alongside another allstar lineup put together by the Refuge ppl. Montreal’s Poirier with longtime NYC heads Liondub, Rekha, Jubliee etc etc…dumbness.

Info all below…hope to seeeeees ya!

Also czeck my website aka my blarrrrg for tunes and party and bullshit.

Y’all the bestestest.



DownTown Top Ranking w. Special Guest DOWNBEAT & DJ $mall Change

@ Happy Ending 302 Broome Street NYC
10-4am no coverage

Greetings! This week Deadly Dragon Sound is proud to welcome Dj $mall ¢hange to DOWN TOWN TOP RANKING!

Mr. ¢hange is one of our favorite peoples and favorite DJs — he has been rocking on the 1 & 2s for years on WFMU and in pretty much any venue, event space, loft and sidewalk gathering you can imagine. His taste is legendarily eclectic and his record collection is so big that he has tunes in his oven — NO JOKE!!! For this edition he will be rocking a straight up reggamatical set!

DJ $mall ¢hange: http://djsmallchange.com/


On February 18, FRIDAY (aka TOMORROW, I’m on semi late-ish, 345-5am or so)

Join REFUGEnyc & RoyalPink for special edition of HEAVY.

With drops so low and bass heavy madness, expect the unexpected as we come
together to celebrate legendary Carnivale…

Enjoy the musical stylings of legendary BASS pioneer POIRIER from NinjaTune;
NYC Bhangra ambassador DJ REKHA, Bass heavy maddness w/ BASSANOVVA (ft.
Grahmzilla & Jubilee);
WFMU’s $MALLCHANGE & Konkrete Jungle resident DJ LIONDUB.

Heav·y […hev-ee] -adjective
– of great weight; hard to lift or carry: a heavy load.
– of great amount, quantity, or size; extremely large; massive: a heavy
vote; a heavy snowfall.
– of great force, intensity, turbulence, etc.: a heavy sea.
– of major import; grave; serious: a heavy offence.
– deep or intense; profound: a heavy thinker; heavy slumber.
– fraught; loaded; charged: words heavy with meaning.
– loud and deep; sonorous: a heavy sound.
– Slang. a. very good; excellent. b. very serious or important: a really
heavy relationship.
– Slang. a. very important or influential person: a reception for government

Origin: bef. 900; ME hevi, OE hefig, equiv. to hef(e) weight (akin to heave)
+ -ig -y1


POIRIER – (Ninjatune, CA)

DJ REKHA – (Basement Bhangra, NYC)

BASSANOVVA – (ft. Grahmzilla & Jubilee, NYC/CA)


LIONDUB – (KonkreteJungle; Liondub International NYC)


319 Scholes St. (bet. Bogart & Waterbury) Brooklyn, NY

L train to Montrose Av. – walk 2 blocks north to scholes, make a right on
scholes and walk 2 block east to 319

Price: $15 before Midnight // $20 after

Drink Specials All Night!

TWO OPEN BARS FROM 11PM-1130 & 3AM-330


More Info: www.tinyurl.com/CARNIVALEbk

James Dier aka $mall ¢hange

blogging at www.djsmallchange.com
myshit: smallchange666
farcebook: Jim Smallchange Dier
tweaker: djsmallchange

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