hey kids! man it hath been a minuto. Who’s been feeding the lava children while I was hiking mosaic canyon in death valley? Did the mind flayers get enough brains while I was at a hula hoop convention in north cackalack? Why didn’t I take the beholder to mutek so he could’ve enjoyed the stupidly retarded senor coconut outdoor concert? Well ppl, I’m back, the animals are fed the parties keep on keeping on, on and on and on, on and on and on. Can’t stop won’t stop and mos motherfucking definitely NO PARKING ON THE DANCEFLOOR. Which is happening June 20th, scroll yer boat below for mas details. I can’t believe this oil bullshit. The best is the ppl that want to nuke the leak. Human beings. The (lack of) intelligence never ceases to amaze. Anyways more positive tings gwan.
I have my last show on WFMU ever (well at least for the summer, we’ll see after that) tonight, and had some fab guests, DJ Rumor and Choimatic, who’ve been down with the Trainspotting parties and def def do their thang on the decks. Serious ass shaking delights into the semi wee hours. And for those jonzin’ for wfmu ish you can still catch my archives of previous shows. WEDNESDAY aka TONIGHT, 11pm-2am, wfmu.org or 91.1fm in the NYC/NJ area causin’ mass hysteria. Archives and playlists here: http://tinyurl.com/nickelanddime

FRIDAY June 11th, I’m spinning with the Vitamin B fam-a-lam over at the esteemed Brooklyn Urban Sanctuary space, BUS for short. Its Tektite’s bday and he’s organized a special ‘old school’ evening, so expect the gamut of acid house, old school ‘ardcore, early jungle, etc etc. Should be super super stupid, great line up of selectros. I go on ’round 3am and of course, if you know BUS (c’mon ppl, yer sleepinzie) the party will go late. Late, as in the late Dent Arthur Dent. Ok way way obscuro hitchhikers guide reference from the budget 80s dr. who tv version…mos def is cool but fuck the movie, really. fucking disney. For info check the links and Vitamin B Old School Night
Friday, June 11th
Death Kills (Colorado)
The Rev (Amsterdam)
Barney Iller (NYC)
$mall ¢hange (NYC)
Kester (NYC)
Tektite (NYC)
Cecil Grey (NYC)
directions and info here: http://vitaminbreaks.com/

Next SUNDAY, June 20th, we have another installment of america’s favorite get your ass off jam dance dance revo-friggin-lution total destruction the only solution total destruction the only solution party NO PARKING ON THE DANCEFLOOR. The name sez it all, tho you can also check the Midnight Star jam of the same name for further investigation. Basically, if you’re on the dancefloor, you HAVE to be dancing. Twitter/tweakerers, kicking game to ladies mofos, and general lame asses who just get on the floor and don’t move will be forcibly removed by our dance police. Its simple ppl. Get down. Life is short so shake it until you break it. Its also Puloma’s bday who is top ppls and we’ve brought a whole crew of DJs to get busy on the decks whilst you rug cutters keep on cuttin’. Hatch from WFMU fame, Duane of Bim Marx, Veronica from Minimal Wave, Koushik coming down from CT and Stones Throw superstar (and Puloma’s cousin), and myself with a few. Plus learn breakdancing and basic bboying from Nathan and other random ish mas details soonish. No Parking on the Dance Floor
special Puloma bday throwdown edition
with selectros
Koushik (Stones Throw)
Veronica (Minimal Wave)
Duane (Bim Marx, Other Music)
Hatch (WFMU)
$mall s¢heezy

at House of Yessss
342 Maujer near Morgan, L stop to Grand
5 bones.
dance bitches dance
also big shouts to the Sheen Bros (Cosmo Baker and 4th Pyramid) for rippin’ it up last week on my EVR eastvillageradio.com show. Still happening FRIDAYs 2-4pm with lotsa guests on the horizon. archives and playists here: http://tinyurl.com/smallchangeevr
aight party peepholes I’m audi 666 see you on the other side!