Hey party ppls, I’m baaaack from the playa and beyond. Still recovering and still need to do laundry but yes indeed shizz was estupido as per usual. If you’ve never been to burningmanland its not a big deal, just rent the Wickerman, and go to the last scene, its basically the same thing. And if you want this list simply roll a 8 sided die. 1-2 no encouter, 3-7 green dragon spits acid on you, 8 a gate opens to the para elemental plane of smoke and a Demon type III hands you a nugget from Orcus’ personal stash. Hope that’s clear enough.

Sooo, back and hitting the ground runnin’ from the disco devil send them to outta space pass the lazer beam alladat in the next few.

Pure Fuego on Tuesday 9/15 at APT (3rd Tuesdays now) 1030 onwards.

Usual suspects Reaganomics / Peter Gunn / N-Ron Hubbard / Criterion / und mice elf rawk and woll with the dirtier side of the urban jungle round the globe, from grime to baile funk to crunk to dubstep to ragga to whatevs really. Dumb dumber and dumbest selections don’t test we do the killin’ m16 and don carlos lazer beam as mentioned earlier.

Pure Fire @ APT Tuesday 9/15 3rd Tuesdazes (next month CMJ showcase with Ghislain Poirier!) 419 W 13th btw 9th and Washington no coverage! 1030pm onwards.

Also celebrating the return of NO PARKING on ze Dancefloor this THURS 9/17.

that’s right mofos. After taking a summer siesta due to scheduling issues No Parking is back if e-f-f-f-u-c-k-i-n-g fect son. Y’know the drill. Its all about getting the fuck DOWN son! Dancing with no pretense at the door or on the floor. No parking ppl. Dance police will drag you off and pull some capoeira shizz on you!

Guest DJs include the Treehouse posse (Treeboy and Raspberry Jones) who’ve been doing a coolio wednes early thaang for min spinning alongside folks like Alex from Tokyo and Four Tet, and also the my (wo)man my mellow DJ Fucci who’s been in the downtown disco trenches for a min now and currently programs muzak in cyberlandia for dance dance revolt part world war 4.

No Parking on the Dancefloor number ??? (at least 8) Selectros: Treeboy, Raspberry Jones, Fucci, mice elf 930pm til 2ish. $10 sugg donation. i.e. pay or slice off one of your nuts. @ House Of Yes! 342 Maujer near Morgan in crooklyn. near some L stop. Smoothies by love grrrl. they good!

Also back in the rotation in radio werld. WFMU and EVR for twofer tues on a WEDnesday. 4-6pm and 11pm-2am. Archives and playlists in the sig at ze bottom. Rusty Lazer from nahlins coming up as a guest next week.

and in general life is peachy, hoping the same for y’all, see ya somewheres soon. bestests..