hola gringo/gettes $¢ with s’more bruschetta for all you brioches (pronounced bee-yotch!). More champale buckets next to your zebra striped chez lounge. More velvet paintings and 70s yarn art. More beer can hats and nik nik shirts. And more mind flayers sucking out the brains of you lava children. Its just another saturday night in paradise, bushwick usa! If you want off this listo its very simple…get me some tickets to the specials at terminal 5. duh. MAIN event:
So this SATURnDAY, March 6th, we have a muy motherfuckin’ especial edition of No Parking. Weekend update indeed. At the House of Yes space, expect the usual madness of dance police, stupid chunes by all star selectros Still Life, D-Juice and mice elf, 11pm-4am. Wrap party for Wonderneath, go sees it! Deets beeelow. 342 Maujer near Morgan. Scroll DOWN for all the info. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Also NEXT SAT, March 13th, is the next installment of ÁZzzion! Numero tres. A callabo with Jester Jaimi and ThirdEarthDesigns. Brooklyn Urban Sanctuary. Line up confirmed: Queen Majesty, Geo aka Leche, Duane of Bim Marx fame, and mice elf. Mega dumbness and mega lateness. Leprechaun in the hood nahmeanknowsayin’?! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Nlhqw1V824

Shouts to Duane for the link. Dude is always has some shit I’m tellin’ ya. Look for him on the WFMU schedule, he’s filling in for me inna few weeks.

Also speaking of, WHY HAVEN’T YOU PLEDGED YET YOU CHEAP ASS BRIOCHE?! ‘pologies for the grandma caps but f’real. wfmu. best bargain in the universe for the amount of music at yer disposal, plus I hear the new iphone app kicks arse. Where’s the google shit son!? My show is Wednes 11pm-2am, and this wednesday is your last chance to support moi. I made a lil mix only available for ppl pledging, called ‘Ruffage’, an exploration into sub-base music. deets:

Nickel and Dime Radio on WFMU, 91.1fm in the NY/NJ area http://wfmu.org Wednes March 10th, 11pm-2am WFMU Marathon 2010…last chance to pledge on my show! guest selectros: Stylus, Peter Gunn, Reaganomics, James Mulry, etc etc… archives: http://tinyurl.com/nickelanddime

marathon goes til the 14th…we all in the same gang so def give something to somebody! also on EVR tomorrow I have DJ Busquelo droppin’ latin fire and beyond. This family man doesn’t share his treat enough these days, was rocking the friday night vintage salsa show on WKCR for a min and has fab shit. Looking fwd! The Big Cover UP w/ $mall ¢hange Fridays 2pm-4pm guest selectro this week: DJ Busquelo http://eastvillageradio.com

AAAAnnd. I know, crush s’more adderalls in yer red balls lite, but I’m also spinning a few short sets with those little records with the big holes. Strictly 45 rawkers ala hey bo diddly with some soul and garage thrown in. Trying to keep up with the machine that is Jonathan Toubin for his off the chain Friday at Home Sweet Home. A whopping $3 cover so hold tight kids. FRIDAY March 5th. Shaking All Over Sideways Down Home Sweet Home Jonathin Toubin, special guest $¢ 10pm-4am 131 Chrystie St. NYC.

Details on NO Parking…! Come thru and dance dance revolution no. 9, no. 9, no. 9… Saturday, March 6th, 11pm-4am No Parking on the Dance Floor (especial Saturday edition!) I’ll be your freak-a-zoid, come on and wind me up…special edition of no parking baby, No Parking on the Dancefloor this Saturday at House of Yes. and that means eggzactly that. We don’t not want to see you silver spoon in yer mouth/nose/ass jaded traded the trucker hat for the fake glasses hipster fucks taking up valuable real estate on our dancefloor! Move it or lose it! Shake it or we’ll break it! If you do need to chill come test out House of Yes’s new deprivation chamber aka the Waterboard room. Hey its DICK Cheney approved! So if you want to get waterboarded just stand there and keep talking to your friends, right in the middle of the dancefloor. Test us. You’ll find yourself on a canoe in the newton creek with one of your kidneys missing. Ok lets get to the point already. Special late night saturday fish fry edition of No Parking, sans fish, but drinks sure. A nice wrap up for the fab fab show known as the Wonderneath (yay Ali nice1!) plus shouts to the BK Sitefest ppl. So all kindsa shee-it gwan. And your favorite crooklyn loft selectros Still LIfe and D-Juice und mice elf all slaughtering you mobs killing you jokes and destroying all you monsters (and gelflings). You know the drill by now. Fuck art lets dance. Then fuck. Then art. Alladat. Plus suprise performances from Lady Circus right over the dancefloor, since it is their homebase after all. Aerial is the shit ppl, don’t sleep on these female ninjas. Tara on the design. Blush at the door. Ms Burke (god help us–I keed!) on the bar. Lets goooo! Saturday March 6th No Parking on the Dancefloor. Saturday Night Fish Fry edition w/o the fish. SiteFest and Wonderneath after party hotel lobby 11pm-4am, $10 DJs: D-Juice, Still Life, $mall ¢hange — James Dier aka $mall ¢hange