Yo motherfuckers!

$mall ¢heezey checking in after a little bit of madness. The boat has been stablized, so its time to get it rockin’ again…fuck this flag at half mast shit. Full speedo ahead, free you mind and your ass will follow, and the kingdom of heaven is surely within. And don’t call me shirley.

If you want of this buster bloodvessel of an e-list just type in ne-ne-na-na-nu-nu and I’ll send ya to McDonalds so you can eat 60 big macs. You don’t get that do you. Of course you don’t. Don’t worry, just some ska nerd shit from my yuth.

So tonight at Stolen Moments Musical Murder Inc. we have a truly ‘made’ gangster on decks, Mr. Gerald McBoing Boing. Me and Robbie have done 8 zillion gigs together over the years and his fingers are among the dustiest when it comes to this crate diggin’ game. Don’t schlafen herr beeyotches. School is in (and after a few cocktails, it most definitely will be out as well). Lately he’s been collecting funky gospel shit, and has way way too much jebus records for a bialy eatin’ kosher motherfucker. Go figure. Anyways should be a fun one and of course I’m joined by the esteemed Sims, one of my fave peepholes on this god-forsaken planet. Rekkids for days suckas. Ride those spinnas and stay fly while we drop the crackly prestige sides.

Stolen Moments
with Sims and $mall ¢hange
you say its your b-day set by Gerald McBoing Boing
9pm til we brrrpt stick ’em.
49 Essex near Grand
jazz by sensibility, NOT by definition.

A nice lil’ other regular ting just came up on the radio front. Nublu radio on EVR happens 6-8pm, with Queen Majesty taking care of the 1st hour with quality reggae for your jeggae, and Bryan K throwing down b-side funk and breaks for yo’ ass. Well, Bryan is jettisoning to Europa for a month or two and axed me to fill in, so, god forbid, $mall ¢hange has a semi-regular radio slot again. Nieuws at 11pm. Actually 7pm til’ 8pm, I’ll be keeping in the vein of the show and droppin all kindsa stupid, stupid, stupid grooves for the next coupla months. Sticking some funky musical bugs up in your ears ala the wrath of khan. “You see, $¢’s tunes enter through the ears and wrap themselves around the cerebral cortex. This has the effect of rendering the victim extremely susceptible to suggestion. Later as the tunes grow follows madness and death.” Of course, I hope that isn’t a determent to listening in. And Queen Majesty always comes correccht so it should be a quality showcase showdown for your Price is Wrong fans. Wardrobe by botany fucking 500. Who else?

Nublu Radio
with Queen Majesty and $mall ¢hange
Mondays 6-8pm
east villahge radio
IM: eastvillageradio

In case you miss me on the station of the nation WFMU (yes, I need to get up in that piece mo’ often, no doubt) I did a little fill-in for Mr. Finewine last friday for his soul spectacularlistic Downtown Soulville program. Finewine is one of the top dudes in the game and that’s some very big shoes to fill. And quite stinky…yo matt, get some oder eaters son! I keed, I keed. Had a lot of fun. To quote Della, it was a very good yeaaar. You can czeck the archive at:


I still need to finish the goddamn playlist. Oy vey. Lotsa other shows there as well from over the years.

Finally (tho you’ll get another update from me), I’m dropping the usual assortment of extremely superstoopid jams for Rubulad’s Halloweenie throwdown on Friday the 27th. I may or may not be hard to miss in my gigantic green sombrero and mexican wrestling mask. I know from experience that spinning with a fez is tricky, but this chapeau may be beyond my DJ capability, we shall see. In any case the usual assortment of freaks will come at night with vincent price narrating the making of thriller. There’s only one thing more scarier…Michael Jackson narrating the story of ET. Yes I have the deluxe box set. I’m spinning on the early side for once, some if you come toward the beginning you’ll hear some extremely wacked out shit. God bless mothefucking rubulad. Keep it sureal people like my man my mellow Mr. Scruff sez. Catch it while you can, you know how these no fun no dancing quality of who’s life authority fucks operate. As my neighbor sez, fuck ’em all Jimmy, fuck ’em all. Indeed. Get a life. Or watch some chris elliot reruns. Rubulad presents, on Friday, October 27:
The Masque of the Red Death
Things That Go Bump in the Night
A Halloween Extravaganza
Featuring live music by:
Nous Non Plus (France)
The Aerosols (SF)
MC Tracheotomy (NOLA)
Haunted Pussy (NY’s own)
Plus DJ / sound demon Kris Anton

With your djs:
Small Change
Gerald McBoing Boing
Chris Catalyst and Mike Simonetti

In the Cabaret Room:
Theater Ouf’s Pink Ladies
Terrifying Theremin

Pierre Pressure in “Zombie Love”
Skull Pod by Paul Burn
Killer chow by Vicious Delicious
Sinful sweets by Brownie Points
Rooftop blood feast (weather permitting)
Light circus by Norm Francoeur

And more spooky surprisesÉ

10:00 doors; 10 smackers
Rubulad Home Base: 338 Flushing Ave., bet. Classon & Taaffee
L train to Bedford Avenue > B61 bus on Driggs to Flushing Ave (10
mins) > left under BQE > Rubulad’s on your right just past the gas
station *OR* J / M / Z to Marcy Ave > walk along BQE > left under BQE
at Flushing.

Or G Train to Flushing and follow address numbers.
Note: The B61 bus runs from Greenpoint to Red Hook through Dumbo and
Downtown Brooklyn. The B57 bus will take you to and from Bushwick,

This is a costume party. Wear a costume.

You can help us continue to have a Rubulad in this space by being quiet coming and going, staying inside the space during the event and not pissing all over the sidewalk as soon as you get around the corner Ð which, incidentally, does attract the police and they will write you a summons

The less our neighbors have to complain about, the more fun we can have.

Thanks for your help.

werd. See y’all in on the 9th level of hell, we’ll chill with some pit fiends and do shots with asmodeus. Yes this is a nerdy DnD joke. Get your motherfuckin’ boris vallejo on!