$mall ¢hizzle with s’more sizzle for your sizzle-lean. If you want off this bacon fat list just tell me who Andre Williams is. That’s right, I didn’t think so! Google/wikipedia that shit and then I’ll take you off.

please NOTE: the following parties are not in chronological order cos, well, I have this big heap party I’m throwing next week, so that kinda gets precedence. But read on cos there’s mad schlitz this weekend, Rubulad in Bushwick and opening for Archie Bell and the Dansettes at Joe’s Pub. But third things first (or as they say on the playa, “remember, safety THIRD”)…

$mall ¢hange and Lupe Loop presente:

vs vS VS Vs vs


7″ VS 12″

The small rekkids with the big hole peeps vs the white label promo festishists.

Friday August 25th. (This is NOT tonight, but NEXT FRIDAY)

10ish til somewhat extremely late (who knows?)

Five fucking measly dollars for 18 friggin’ DJs.

2 Floors.






@ Galaxie Nightclub


55-07 Metropolitan Ave. Ridgewood, Brooklyn

directions below…

That’s right kids, finally a party where it will be decided, who’s shit is better. Are you a mod who thinks all good music ended in 1974? Or are you a disco dolly who thinks that when music started? Now lets not get violent, put away your butterfly knives and AK-47s, there IS a sane way to deal with this. Let’s settle it on the decks people.

We have 18 fucking DJs, 9 a side, representing their formats. Northern soul, heavy funk, garage rawk. Deep disco, electro and early haus. 2 floors so you can wander at your own free will. Bowling. That right bitches, Galaxie has a two lane bowling alley in their basement, with some vintage pinball/video games to boot. A very stylish spot and yes, we will be going late.

For the Sevens:

Greg Tormo

DJ Hardtop

Alec D. (APT)

Lex (Discovery)

Jeff Dynamite, Quincy, Leon (Truth and Soul)

Soul Cracker and Inbetween

$mall ¢hange

For the Twelves:

Ron Morelli (Reagan Disco Headache)

Pappawheelie (Electrodiscopunks)

Lupe Loop and Alfredo

Shakewell and Duckcomb (Sharegroove)

Catalyst and Simonetti (Rubulad, Troubleman Unlimited)

plus a surprise. Maybe.

All these folks have the shiznit so expect blood. Mods vs Rockers? Gangs of NY? That’s chickenshit in comparison to what will go down here folks. So bring your leisure suit or 3 button suit, your Nik Nik shirt or you Fred Perry, whatever suits ya, but be prepared to get down and defend your time period and format of choice. We’ll see ya on the dancefloor.

How to get thurr:

We are about a 10 minute drive from williamsburg. It is worth the trip. New underground venue, 2 floors, 2 separate sound systems, bowling lanes, lounges, space-age vibe, pinball, and a very care-free attitude. Unfourtunately, we aren’t very close to the train. Car service from Williamsburg or Greenpoint is about $8

TRAINS – Take the JMZ to Myrtle Ave, from there take the M to Forest Ave. (about a 10-12 block walk from there)or take the L to dekalb. (about a 12 block walk)

The Q54 bus goes down Grand Ave. to Metropolitan Ave. Get off at the first stop after you pass mcdonalds.

(we are across from a rite-aid drug store)

But that’s not all. Behind door number two, in the recently gentrified Bushwick (or east williamsburg for all you white hipster motherfuckers (this includes me…duh!)), comes the party that can’t be stopped, Rubulad. They stick it to the MAN like that end scene in American Me. Making some very fressssh tasting lemonade outta lemons, Rubulad is combining forces with the NKOTB, 3rd Ward, for a massive multiple thousands of sq. foot sheer insanity this Saturday. The usual hodge podge of dementia, marching and live bands, caberet from hell, and DJ heaven. Join me late night for the afterlife at the restaurant at the end of the universe. Or at least til the sun comes up.

Rubulad Presents, on August 19, 2006

– at 3rd Ward: 195 Morgan Avenue ö

Delirium Summer: A Fever Dream

With live shows by:

Extra Action Marching Band (San Francisco)

Circus Contraption (Seattle)

Uncle Jimmyâs Dirty Basement

Polka Madre Y La Comezon (Mexico City)

feauring DJ / sound god Kris Anton

with dance interludes by Angie from The Love Show

With DJs

Small Change

Ursula 1000

The Human Jukebox


Ice Cream-a-licious Lounge with whipped cream and secret surprise performers by The Danger (formerly Complacent)

G. Scopitronicâs Non-Stop Film Fest

Projections by Mighty Robot Audio / Visual Squad

Light Circus by Norm Francouer

Sweets by Brownie Points

Aerial Feats by Aste

In the Yard:

Bradford Reed and his Pencilina

Sitar and tabla by Mustafa Bhagat and David Freeman

Delicious Barbecue

Roving circus madness

And oh, so much more

10 pm doors; 10:30 show; 10 beans

Dress summer surfer circus

The 3rd Ward space is located at 195 Morgan Avenue – just a short walk from the Grand Street or Morgan Avenue stops on the L train.

From the Morgan Avenue L stop simply follow the address numbers to 195.

From the Grand Street L stop walk down Grand Street to Morgan Avenue, turn right on Morgan and follow the address numbers.

3rd Ward space has lots of space and air and plumbing. We recommend you come early and not miss the performers; weâre proud to present them to you. We do not recommend you bring your own alcohol as weâre guests in someone elseâs space and theyâll probably remove it from you. They have decent prices anyway. We are extremely thankful to the 3rd Ward for adopting this event.

Last and certainly not least in this stellar week of musical madness comes Mr. Tighten Up himself, yes folks There’s Gonna Be a Showdown, the masterful OG soul motherfucker Archie Bell comes to NYC and Joe’s Pub. Opening sounds the supersoulful funky sister act The Dansettes. And lil’ ole me on the decks. While I don’t bust them out all the time, here’s a nice opportunity to hear some rusty dusty 45 platters, I’ll be playing inbtwn the groups and thoroughly enjoying the festivities. I’ve seen Mr. Bell a few times down at the Ponderosa Stomp festival in Nahlins and Memphis and the man has has shit down pat like Lightning Rod in Hustler’s Convention. So get your go go groove on and I’ll see you on the dancefloor…

Monday, August 21th @ 9pm

Archie Bell, The Dansettes, $mall ¢hange

@ Joe’s Pub

425 Lafayette Street (near 8th/Astor)

not sure on the coverage, czeck their site.

thanks kids, see y’all somewheres I’m sure…