The Shells – Whiplash

playing Commodore tonight with my man Still Life tonight! This one is always in the box…

Nico Gomez and His Afro Percussion Inc. – Lupita / Baila Chibiquiban

Retardation. Lupita has been featured on a few comps, and is the best known cut from the LP. ‘Baila’ is fave of my friend Danny Holloway, you can see why…straight FIRE, a lil more slept on. Recorded in the early 70s, this latin funk grail piece goes for serious coin (you can catch a reissue) and the record is from Belgium if you can believe it. There was a whole scene there of session ppl that were involved in other underground funk classics by folks like The Chakachas, El Chicles, library records and others, nice thread with discog on soulstrut about it…

Black Rock – The New York City Bump

nice underground nyc disco seven.

Noriel Vilela – 16 Toneladas

another Greg Caz gem, thx for the seven of this man!

Junior Murvin and Dennis Brown on Real Rock

classic classic JA riddim, love the drumming on Cool Out Son.