“Paging Mister ¢hange…. Mister ¢hange…. You have a tel-le-phone call at the front desk.”

There’s a lotta things about me you don’t know anything about, Dottie. Things you wouldn’t understand. Things you couldn’t understand. Things you shouldn’t understand.

I don’t understand.

But all will become clear inna moment. In the meantime if you want off the list just type in ‘I know you are but what am I…infinity!” and I’ll toss yo trashy email in the cyber-garbage.

So $m. ¢hiz hear with another last minute update no rebate for yas. Its like a unravelling a giant sweater that someone keeps knitting, and knitting, and knitting, and knitting, and knitting….

Ok jeez thelma and louise, if you haven’t guess by now I’m DJing before they screen Pee Wee’s rather large adventure ride over at the Brooklyn Bridge park. In case you’re wondering where ze fucken that is (I sure did, I’m so glad God invented google), its in dumbo underneath (you guessed it) the 59th st. bridge. I keed. You know this. I hope. Otherwise you need help.

Anyways its free, that tasty lil’ spot with the different kinds of rice (surprisingly called ‘Rice’) is hawking food, and they get a gangload of folks to these thinks. Kinda like the monday Bryant Park thing but brooklyn style. I’m DJing before the film starts, from 6pm-8:30ish or so. Pee Wee is one of those flicks that has really stood the test of time, the shit still cracks me up to this day and Paul Reubens is on some genius shit with the writing/acting.

Details herein:

Movies with a view series at the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservatory

Thurs July 27th “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure”

6pm: $mall ¢hange

8:30pm: ze flick.

Main street and the water in Dumbo (map it at 1 main street, crooklyn)

Mas info here

Of course, I’ll be running from BK to ze LES for me and Simzee’s weekly forray into jazz and beyond, Stolen Moments. Emphasis on the beyond. Its really one of those rare nights in clubland where you can sssttrrreeecccht out and play many, many thing that seem to collect dust on the shelf. Unfortunately there’s a lot of beautiful music that for some reason or another isn’t qualified to rock a party. And to put it quite simply, we at Stolen Moments say fuck that shit. Lets play some chinese traditional wackiness, lets play some hardcore, some 50’s RnB, deep soul ballads, original DeeJay sevens, whatever, along with the more palatable schlitz. God forbid with all these damn remix records, lets actually break out the OG blue note and impulse sides. Lets fucking do this shit.

This week I have some hvw8 help cos Sims is MIA. Daniel Lion-I will be throwing down roots with a capital Rrrr from 9ish till I get back from Dumbolina, and later the great Pat Longo of Primitive Sound System fame will be gracing us with a box of rare jazz sevens. Both these cats have the super stoopid shit. I was just listening to some tasty dubs on Daniel’s extremely tasty soundsystem a couple nights ago. Dude has eek-a-mouse before he was eek-a-mouse. Pat was manning the counter at Finyl Vinyl for years, extremely knowledgable and quality peepholes. Deep is not the werd for it. He’s on some miles below the earth’s surface ren and stimpy shit.

Stolen Moments

residents: DJ Sims and $mall ¢hange

especial guestos: Daniel Lion-I and Pat Longo

49 Essex near Grand street in ze LES

(wooden unmarked door, next to ‘the pickle guys’)

9pm til’ 3ish, no coverage, fresssh cocktails.

And Saturday, saturday, saturday its a saturday its another Rubulad. Oy vey you say? Obviously you don’t know the power of this fully operational fully retarded funky freakfest battlestation in the brooklyn navy yard. Four rooms of mayhem, roof deckage, DJs, bands, demento caberet, alladat. Set phasers to annihilate. Destroy all dancefloors. Free you mind and yo’ ass is set to follow. The power of heaven/hell is within.

I’m on at my usual steeze, 2-3ish to the late late late show. Been involved with these cats for many years and can safely say its my favorite party to play in nueva york, hands down.

Rubulad Presents, on Saturday, July 29th: Lurid Luau! Featuring live music by: The Pants Avengers Fisherman Chin Chin Zero Boy With dance interludes by The Hula Belles With your DJs: Ursula 1000 Small Change Repoman Sock Monkey DJ 360 The Honeydripper (Daptone) In the Cabaret Room: Live Keyboard Karaoke with Joe McGinty In the Starlight Lounge: G. Scopitronicâs Non-Stop Film Fest Malcolm Stuart (Groove Hoops) Garden by Anna of The Green Scene Rooftop Bar-B-Q Plus: Ho Daddy Hot Shot Photo Booth by Carl Saytor Light Circus of Norm Francoeur Sweets by Brownie Points Dress Hawaiian swimwear go-go tourist. 10 clams – 10:00 pm doors ö 11:00 show Rubulad Home Base: 338 Flushing Ave., bet. Classon & Taaffee L train to Bedford Avenue > B61 bus on Driggs to Flushing Ave (10 mins) > left under BQE > Rubulad’s on your right just past the gas station *OR* J / M / Z to Marcy Ave > walk along BQE > left under BQE at Flushing. Or G Train to Flushing and follow address numbers. Note: The B61 bus runs from Greenpoint to Red Hook through Dumbo and Downtown Brooklyn. The B57 bus will take you to and from Bushwick, fast.

thanks fer reading and hope to czeck yas somewheres.