$mall ¢hiz here to spike the punch with another weekly blast o’ sheet acid. If you want off this list, just take a swim for the suppository like that dude did in spotting of the trains. I keed. Just say so and I’ll drop y’all off like the kids by the pool. Btw did you know the toilet flushes in the opposite direction below the equator? I noticed that a few years ago down under. The southern cross was kinda cool as well.

Anyways not too much to report, everyting’s steady as she goes over at Stolen Moments inc. Another week another quarter another dime bag another mono pressed 1500 series. You know how we do. Actually I can’t afford most of those muthas but the Japanese reissues do sound dandy. Just to get it straight tho, its jazz by sensibility rather than definition, so if we throw down some classic Mary Jane Girls or Essential Logic or Ray Barretto or Channel Live don’t friggin’ sue us, just your chiropractor after your booty gets rattled loose. Sims and $¢ always semi-drunken/blunten style on the controls, and we frequently roll the red carpet out to only the finest connis-sewers of vinyl and digital musical artifacts.

This week is no exception as DJ Drez is coming to wreck shop. Longtime west coast DJ/graf head, he’s been living in NYC for more than a minute but this is his debut gig. Get out of the house more often homeboy! I’m kidding, we’re glad to have this soulstruttin’ blackbelt cratedigger in the hizzle to drop classic poplockin’ electro, salsa/boogaloo, private press disco, and whatever else suits ’em.

Drinks and treats authored (mostly) by sascha of milk and honey fame, pro-slinger Peter behind the bar. Everything’s made fresssh so sometimes it take a minute. Unbunch the panties (yes, I’m talking to the dudes here) and fucking relax already! See y’all in hell.

Stolen Moments
residents Sims and $mall ¢hange
with guesto especial DJ Drez
49 Essex near Grand. Wooden Door, next to the ‘pickle guys’.
THURSDAZE, 9ish to 3ish.
No cover

hear live sets archived on giant steps jukebox! giantstep.net

paz out peepholes…