Stolen Moments

Residents Sims and $mall ¢hange (and frequently Leche as well)

Guest mofo: Steinski playing a 50s nahlins set!

@ East Side Co., 49 Essex near Grand Street

9pm-3ish, no coverage.

enjoy the weather. I’m down in the basement like Sugarpie DiSanto cold chillin’. The A/C is collecting dust.


Hey party peeps. $mall ¢hange with another automated messsage for all y’all to self destruct to. If you no longer wanted to be debriefed with these classified missives (i.e. ‘get me off this list!’) no worries. Just send me you’re address and I’ll mail you some dirty briefs as a going away present.

So yo–Stolen Moments is still cookin’, and our upcoming guests are so hot dem pot a bwile! Tonight its just me and Simzee rockin’ the decks (literally…they’re set on rubber bands), but we have a whole slew of guests coming up in the next coupla months. Not that we’re chopped liver or anything. Please people. You should know the drill by now.

The basics. Stolen Moments is a party I’ve done off/on over the years. The music is jazz, but more by sensibility rather than strict definition. We play what we fucking want. Some deep shit, some fun shit, some old, some new, a little out, a little in, and all the areas inbetween.

For this excursion into nowhere I’ve teamed up with DJ Sims. Her ‘Popular Corner’ party in the recent past was one of my favorites, she had a real community of guest DJs and folks, put a lot of work into flyers (there was even a yearbook), and we’re looking to merge some of those concepts within the night. We have a aresnal of NYC’s finest diggers lined up to drop some crackly wax.

Alll whilst you sip on your expertly made cocktails. Remember, is Sascha of Milk and Honey is one of the owners, alongside Carlos from Sapphire. People who know the deal and been doing it in NYC long before there was Starbucks.


Stolen Moments

residents DJ Sims and $mall ¢hange

@ East Side Co., 49 Essex St.

$Free.99. 9pm (starts earlier!) til’ 3ish.

Thursday June 22nd (the following week) we welkommen the legendary Steinki, who’s rekkids with Double Dee (Lessions 1, 2, 3) from the early-mid 80s were a huge influence on folks like Cut Chemist, Shadow, Coldcut, etc. Stein was diggin’ before most of y’all were an aftherthought on your parents prom night. For our (very loosely termed) ‘jazz’ night, he’ll be diggin’ up seldom played 50s nahlins sides, early Eddie Bo and Art Neville and the like, with whatever else he feels like throwing down. You ever hear his remix of Jazzy Sensation? Killer. That’s my only request.

Some other folks on the horizon: Leche, Jazzy Nice, Pat Longo (Primitive Sound System), Phast Phreddie, Alec D (APT), Gerald McBoing Boing, Shakewell, Jim Georgiou.

see ya there (or somewheres)


Hey hoochie mamas…its cousin $¢ with a lil’ discounted smoke damaged furniture for the dining room of your mind. Huh? I didn’t get that either.

btw if you want off this list, just make it stop raining. I’m a lil’ tired of it, but the family of canadian honkers hanging out in the back lawn of my apartment complex aren’t complainin’.

A couple of shindigs of note in the next couple. The ongoing jazz-esque experiment known at Stolen Moments continues over at the East Side Company on Thursdaze…Moscow Mules and rare Ray Baretto. What we call living it up, bitches! And a friday one off thang courtesy of the fine folks at FreeNYC, a free events listings service for all you broke ass mofos trying to live in this real estate nitro balloon of a town we live in. Remember to inhale deeply. Is it me or does my voice sound wiErD?

I’ll keep it brief like the underwear I’m not wearing. Thursday. Stolen Moments. Jazz, not by definition, but by sensibility. Which is another way of saying we’re playing whatever the fuck we want, but leaning towards a classy lounge sensibility. And you’ll probably hear some Lee Morgan at some point, but no promises. Me ($¢ ) and the esteemed DJ Sims, who’s chillin’ in Jamaica this week. So just me but I have a few records and hope to entertain. And maybe Leche if he cares to crash the party. The East Side Company’s bar menu was designed by one of the best in the busines…Sascha of Milk and Honey fame. Shit is reeediculous. Remember to pace yourself. If you plan on passing out just leave a note in your shirt pocket with an address and some cab fair, we’ll be sure ‘take care’ of ya. When Sims gets back we’ll be posting a full schedule of guest spinnas, we’re lining ’em up as we speaketh.

Stolen Moments!

$mall ¢hange and DJ Sims

THURSDAZE 10pm onward and upward

@ the East Side Company

49 Essex St. near Grand

Wooden Door. No Coverage.