“[makes gesture of middle finger while trapped in a box]”

Hey kids, its another adventure at 666 flags magic mountain o’ shite. If you want off this rollercoaster ride to spamville, please exit to your left as I ixnay your high maintenenceness…there is no such thing as too much email in web 2.0, bitches.

Its another manic monday for $¢, except its thursday and I still haven’t gotten my email out for my parties in the next few. They are also demolishing a paint factory next to my apartment and my computer is covered in blue dye whilst I type this. By the way, is paint bad for your lungs? Just wondering, I have this cough…anyways excuse the virtual flem that follows and be sure to scroll scroll scroll your boat gently down to the bottom of the screen for info on both the Thursday (TONIGHT) and Friday (TOMORROW) par-taze. Werd ’em.

Tonight its another installment of the ye olde Stolen Moments party. Jazz by sensibility more than definition. Which means we play some real deal shit whilst you sippith on the finest cocktails in this two horse town. Drink menu from Sascha of Milk and Honey fame. So get yourself a honeysuckle or three. Just pace yourself. Or not. We’ll toss yer passed out ass in a cab to carnasie. Come back soon!

Oh, and btw, we have supa guest selectahs Phast Phreddie and Jim Shorts (aka Phast Nancy) on the decks, dropping everything from traditional chinese muzak to bump and grind RnB to punk rock rarities. Its call jazz, motherfucker. Its a wide umbrella. So get it straight cos there’s no rebates.

Lookout for Stolen Moments radio starting up on Giant Step in the very near future. Werd ’em up. Giantstep.net, look for the jukebox section.

Stolen Moments

residents $mall ¢hange and DJ Sims

guests: Phast Phreddie and Jim Shorts (aka Phast Nancy)

9pm-3ish @ the East Side Co.

49 Essex near Grand St. (look for the wooden door)

Also Friday I’m involved in fairly big shindig on the westside, courtesy of the complacement crew (and others). These people definitely know the time, and alongside folks like Rubulad, Blackkat, etc, are responsible for keeping NYC surreal it should be. Think beyond bottle service hell people…there is another world beyond clubland, where folks get down into the wee hours and you won’t max out yer credit card on the drink prices. Jeez (thelma and) louise, have some fucking fun already!

Description and disinformation follow follow (ala fela):

In this era of inconvenient truths we find ourselves torn in a battle of the Land vs. the Sea. This Friday you are invited to participate in an art and performance benefit event that explores the state of our nation in this era on the brink.


Friday – 7/7 Ð 9pm until late

547 W. 21st St. at 11th Ave


This journey is built of live performance fused with epic-scale sculpture, DJ’s alongside candlelit artifacts and the eternal comforts of shelter, sustenance, music, drink and dance.

The gallery space of Holasek Weir Projects has been transformed into an immersive art landscape featuring a central shelter and the village of Land vs. the village of Sea. Upon entering you will be offered the scent of the earth, the taste of the sea and immaculate/delicate makeup art by Chiho Omae.

In the Village of Land: Debonair creates a cozy lounge of mint tea, earthen edibles, and future-telling. In the Village of Sea: The Miss Rockaway Armada offers watermelon shots, guitar songs and sailor blues along with oceanic video projections.

At the center of the gallery Thomas Beale presents a massive sculpture sheltering tribal performance by Akim Funk Buddha featuring a kinetic opera of aerial acts, body balancers and Brazilian drums by Seceda of the Urban Roots Project, Blumuse Dance, body-poet Kazuma Motomura, Roela LaMazing, and Akiko the funky geisha. The late night is consumed with world-music beats and eclectic dance featuring dj’s $mall (c)hange, Darya Roquette, Gopal and Johny B. Plus earthen video projections by TheDanger.

This event is a benefit for Emergency, a collective of artists responding to environmental and political crises in society. Based in the heart of the Chelsea art market, Emergency’s mission is to reintroduce a social conscience and the concept of community in an artworld flush with wealth and egotism. Monies raised by this event will pay for the construction our 40,000sqft. studio work space.

This is one night of hope and possibiity in this time of Emergency.


$10 Ð Cheap Drinks

Friday – 7/7 Ð 9pm until late

547 W. 21st St. at 11th Ave


Presented by Thomas Beale, Complacent Nation, Emergency Arts, TheDanger.com, and the Miss Rockaway Armada.

later skaters.