Hey party ppls! $mall heck off ¢hange with s’more one potato two potato three potato four potato chips for you potato chip babies. If you want off this list bring me s’more salsa verde and those carrots soaked in jalapenos. Shit is the joint.

So there’s quite a few tings going on in my life, one, my homestead, Wonderland in Astoria is throwing a series of fundraisers, and the first one is this Saturday. We’ve teamed up with the Sistine Criminals and some other all star selectros, should be dope dope dope. At the very least you will see a lot of sexy mofos dancing in their underwear. Nuff said. SATURDAY, Dec 4th, 10pm to 5am, only $10, details below.

Also NEXT SATURDAY, Dec 11th, we’re finally doing RISE, the party that is centered around Sunrise, with Kiana Love of Wild Women productions. Its starting a little bit earlier (3am) as a Decom afterparty, or if you’re Santa, you can see it as a Santacon pre-party. RSVP to get details, again info below.

Finally I’m filling in on WFMU tonight (TUESday) right after the best show with Tom Sharpling. Midnight to 3. Only on here and there so chune in if you can…wfmu.org, 91.1fm, or archives at: http://tinyurl.com/nickelanddime


the art collective Wonderland has been based in Astoria queens for over 10 years, and its future is uncertain due to recent events. We’re throwing a series of fundraisers to try and keep our space and collective together. Come dance in your UNDERWEAR for a good cause!

Wonderland Collective
alongside $mall ¢hange and Sistine Criminals presente:

SAVE Wonderland Underwear Party Series (part 1)


Dancehall VS Drum n Bass VS Dubstep

with 100% of the profits to benefit the Wonderland Collective

come dance in your underwear. we’re serious. we’ll check your pants.


Sistine Criminals (Live)
real time drum n’ bass/dubstep from some serious after hours musical
jazz motherfuckers

he does the killing, you do the burying…

Barney Iller
always diggin’ to keep your booties shakin’

$mall ¢hange
sword of zorro gundelero joints

Body painting by Jim Su and Justine Bach
the less clothes you’re wearing, the more canvas they’ve got to work with!

Saturday Dec. 4th
Wonderland Collective
38-01 23rd Ave. buzzer 201
Astoria, NY
N/Q to last stop Astoria-Ditmars (NOT Astoria blvd). Walk up 23rd Ave. to 38th St.

dance in your underwear. you think we’re joking.

@ Wonderland. Help save us. From ourselves. And others.


Gratitude after party meets Santacon Preparty

Be Wild Woman, Kiana Love and $mall ¢hange present

RISE: a delightfully conscious rise & shine party

Saturday Dec 11th 3am til 10am. $10 cover.

Sunrise is symbolic of new beginnings, and as the sky lights up so do our spirits. After the mystery of the night the sun bursts across the sky shining warm and oh so brightly.


A dancefloor experience that celebrates the Dawn.
A magical place where the late night merry pranksters meet the early morning soul seekers

Greet the dawn & celebrate you with a delicious Sunrise Lovin’ Ceremony by Kiana Love…… followed by (more) dancing!

Musical Selections by $mall ¢hange
additional sounds by the Barney Iller and other folks…

Special birthday/ celebration for Kiana Love

Raffle for Sankalpa: Art Journeys! Follow Krupa Jhaveri o upcoming Art Therapy efforts in India: http://sankalpajourneys.com/


Healthy & decadent libations

Food altar~ worship your body & bring offerings to share

Sunrise Valentine altar~ declare your love

DIY massage, massage, yoga, art, hooping & more.

Come strrrrretch, dance, hoop, relax, be wild.

c u on the dance floor!
Kiana & $mall ¢hange

“Only Love will shine today”~Ken Wilbur

all happening at Brooklyn Urban Sanctuary (Majic BUS)
RSVP Kiana [at] bewildwoman.com with ‘rise’ in headline
for directions

Our sunrise party & Be Wild Woman are inspired by the sunrise on the “playa” at burning man.

Check out our Sunrise Valentine Group for more info on the art/love project http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=271153631565

Click here for more on Be Wild Woman http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=107286142672259
“Love Your Body, Love Your Life” Kiana Love

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