I dont wanna I dont wanna go insane…except its too late for that. As if you’ve haven’t gotten the frickin’ memo by now.

$mall ¢hiz with another update for you shitbags. I keed! Love all you motherfuckers. Of course, if you’re feeling a little hateration for this list and want off, just tell me your favorite enya song…then we’ll both be getting emails we don’t want!

So gotta couple tings in the next couple of days/hours. You know me, always giving you PLENTY of notice. In case your wondering, yes, the rest of my life works like this. Tomorrow I’ll stop procrastinating. I promise. But in the meantime here’s the shimmy:

TONIGHT, Wednes, in a matter of hours, I’ll be playing at Subtonic for this thing Bryan aka Spinoza has put together. Spinoza is has been in the trenches of NYC’s nightlife for more than a minute and currently runs the eggzellent ‘Bunker’ shindig that brings BIG name techno mofos to play at the cozy basement of Tonic. Bangin’ party. The thing tonight is a special one off ‘dub’ thing Spinoza’s put together with NYC’s DJ Olive and Deadbeat from Montreal. I’m in with some heavyweight company so expect some HEAVY as fuck sounds. Olive is known for his years in the illbient/leftfield downtown/BK electronic scene, he’s jetsetting around ze world and rarely does NYC gigs these days. He has a couple rekkids out on the Agriculture label, which he helps run. Deadbeat has a slew of releases out on various labels (Scape, Cynosure to name a few), has rocked major festivals from Sonar to Mutek, and is one of those dudes people check these days, quirked out minimal tech tings to crunchy digital dub and beyond, plus he’s known to drop dancehall and reggaeton amongst all of that. People who are very serious about this music game and it should be a nice night for the heads. Come EARLY cos I go on at 8pm! That’s right. 8. pm. You got like 6 hours. Get something to eat, spray some aquanet super-extra-cement-hold on your fauxhawk mullet and get your fucking ass down there already!


Wednesday June 21

Beyond presents

DEADBEAT (~scape | Montreal) 2 hour live pa (11-1)

DJ OLIVE (the Agriculture | NYC) 2 hour live pa (9-11)

$MALL ¢HANGE (WFMU, Rubulad | NYC) dj set (8-9)

@ Subtonic, 107 Norfolk St.

8pm on. $5.

And on thurs thurs thurs Stolen Moments continues and we got a nice line up of folks for the next month or so. This week we welkommen the legendary Steinski, of Double Dee/Mass Media fame. The man behind some of the most famous and influencial cut up records of all time, the Lessons series, homeboy was spinning parties at the Brooklyn Food Co-Op before you suckas were an afterthought on your parents prom night. While Stein is known for his remixes and spoken word LP collection, one thing he’s also into is 40s and 50s RnB, especially from New Orleans. Stolen Moments is a party to showcase things you can’t play out very often…its a Jazz night, but by sensibility more than definition. Residents Sims and mice-elf round out the selections. Cocktails menu designed by Sascha of Milk n’ Honey fame. Don’t schlafen on this shit. We’re playing the real deal selections. Starts at 9pm for all you underpaid nine to five or six or niners working overtime.