Party Perpatrators…

So it has been a proverbial minute since last chatting/annoying. If you want off this missive just type leggo my eggo and I’ll burn ya down like they did the Belgian Waffle on the playa this year.

Because of my current laissez-fair laziness I negleted to tell ya about Nappy G guesting with us at Stolen Moments yesterday. Rest assured it was booty shakin’ affair, with homeslice reschooling the fools on the true school classics. Nuff respeck e’erytime, don’t sleep on Nappy on decks (and the Timbales, obviously). Stolen Moments is rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ at the East Side Company on Thursdays, 9pm-onwards. The sessions are taped most of the time and subsequently archived on giant step’s jukebox. We got three very loooong shows up there right now so peeping tom it. Shoutout to my partner Sims who always is down for some Spike Jones. Cocktails by Peter, bar design by Sascha of milk n’ honey fame. Its the real fucking deal so drink up. Or have a fresh squeezed OJ/Grapefruit. Or do both.

Stolen Moments

Thursdays (whoops, shoulda sent this yesterday!) at East Side Co.

49 Essex near Grand. Wooden door. Next to ‘the pickle guys’.

no cover

jazz by sensibility rather than definition. Loosen up already!

Saturday me and the missus are back to back for a grand lil’ shindig in bushwick, I mean east williamsburg for all you trustafarian hipsterati. But no complaints or judgements, just show up and fucking dance,you little punks. The space is rather sick and fast becoming the ‘it’ place people, so czeck it before the cops in their infinite wisdom deicide that its much too much fun for this wack ass quality of life town. Brought to you from the folks behind Complacent Nation but under a new banner. Its XXXL people, and goes late. You know how we fucking do. Or you probably don’t cos you keep hitting snooze snooze snooze, wondering where all the freaky deaky parties have gone. They’re right underneath you. That’s right, it’s just a jump to the left. And then a step to the right. With your hands on your hips, you bring your knees in tight. But it’s the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane. Let’s do the fucking Time Warp again already!

This Saturday, September Twenty Third

TheDanger (formerly Complacent Nation) presents:

Future : Perfect

What is the future you dream of?

This Saturday we offer you a landscape of art, video and music mixed with dozens of visions of the future we deserve. Expect one part future fantasy mixed with two parts performance perfected.

Your Future Sounds Like: Mission: on Mars – This global-electronic band mixes live breakbeat rhythms, Indian sitar melodies, space-jazz guitar, middle eastern drones, into a funk chilled crater of moon walking beats. Sci-fi fans revel and dream what could be possible one day.

Chin Chin – Combining an eclectic electric group of performers with an electric eclectic range of styles, this is a groove you haven’t heard. Be prepared for the hoe down of a new generation.

DJ Dance and Future Sound Featuring: World funk & soulful house from Turntables on the Hudson’s Nickodemus & Mariano with live drums by Jimmy Lopez; future techno from Halcyon’s dj Dirtt and Anthony Parasole; eclectic dance mash from $mall ¢hange and Shakey; the laid back techno lounge by ImageNode; and classic hip-hop & electro from dj Grimace.

Your Future Looks Like: 20,000sqft. of raw Brooklyn loft, courtyard and rooftop broken into touchable manifestations of our future dream. Experience the ImageNode rooftop plush dome – a womb of lofi techno and future visuals; climbable sculpture of wood and shadow by Thomas Beale; new work of future indelicacy by Ryan O’Conner; flights of fancy by Bunny; live art battles by four of NYC’s finest; grammar games and robot dance by Action/Direction; retro-future video projections by Sebastian Patane Masuelli; and installed art presented by 3rd Ward Brooklyn.

Your Future Is: Cheap drinks and surprise gifts, costumes and spontaneous acts of affection. Experience a dozen visions of the future perfected – spread across six areas of a rebuilt and reconfigured raw space. For those that have been to 3rd Ward before, be ready for a new experience, we’ve torn down walls to make rooms larger and add new areas of exploration.

Come early, at 9pm the Miss Rockaway Armada will be hosting a multi-media presentation of their experience building an art-raft of refuse and floating/performing down the Mississippi river. This is a vision of the future perfected, imagine a weeks long art party of pirate living with 30+ artists and dreamers directly engaging the middle of this nation. See more about it here:

Stay late, at 2am (or later) the Champagne Ritual will swarm the space with libations, flowers and exposed skin. Expect a spectacle of stilt walkers, drummers and hoopers that makes the future feel possible, presented by Anya Sapozhnikova.

Our present is perverse but our future is perfect.

@ 3rd Ward Brooklyn 195 Morgan Ave. : East Williamsburg The space has been redesigned for this event. Walls have been torn down to create larger rooms and more exploration. Come discover the changes.

$10 : 9pm through sunrise

Free kisses for costumes.

The paddle for the rest of you.

Your future is perfect.

Note : This event has nothing to do with the The Future Perfect store on North 6th St. although they do sell pretty things. This event has everything to do with verb-tense (really).

good to be back in the loop and hope to see some of yas.

RIP Adam Goldstone. The real fucking deal. We miss ya man!