my man my mellow Geko Jones is one of the folks behind the classic Que Bajo party and also down with Dutty Artz.

Recently via Tweakerville he started a #YoutubeDivas thread to give a shout to women in the music biz: “I’ve been hearing from a lot of my homegirls how they feel under-represented in the scene and I think it makes sense that we work together to get the word out.” You can follow him under @gekojones

I partcipated and sent a bunch of links yesterday, but after reading DJ /Rupture’s eggzellent post (and czeck his blarrg Mud Up), I was like, duh! I should share them here. Shouts to Geko for a great idear.

lets start with one of the baddest bitches of all time…Betty Davis

Tina Turner. Bad.

classic from @mclyte “My competition, you’ll find them in the hospital”

Minnie Rippington, pure class.

Deniece Williams teaches us how to get free…

Marlena Shaw very LIVE

always enjoy dropping this Lady Saw

oooold school DJ Rap in da jungle

lets take it to Hungary. Can’t test Zalatnay motherfuckers…